Letter from the University Librarian

Dear Colleagues,

The U.Va. Library is known for its outstanding staff, service, and collections. We’re also known for having great communications materials, and you have an important role in that as well.

Our brand identity guidelines are here to help you easily create polished, professional-looking publications, both online and offline. It is crucial that we are consistent in how we present ourselves to the public, so they always know they are engaging with the U.Va. Library . . . and so that engagement is a clear and compelling experience. These guidelines are key to creating that consistent, high-quality presence that we aim for in our communications.

Because of your help in following the style guide, our Library buildings and programs have consistent signage and web pages, attractive posters, and engaging announcements.

I hope that you will continue to follow the guidelines and help us reinforce the powerful, positive presence that is the U.Va. Library.


Karin Wittenborg
University Librarian