Use Library letterhead for any Library-related correspondence (contact Library administration for information about ordering Library letterhead).


Letterhead sample showing letter from Poe to publishers

Letterhead Tips

Letterhead should be used for the first page of a letter and it’s best to use it for subsequent pages or other information (such as charts, graphs, or additional text) that you are enclosing. Text throughout the letter body should be in Times New Roman, sized according to need: If you have a large amount of space, tastefully size the font larger. If your job is being sent to a printer, request uncoated Finch Fine Bright White Smooth Finish #80 text weight paper. If you are using Printing and Copying Services, choose White #20. If you are printing in your office, use a stock between 20 lb and 80 lb paper.

Letterhead Template

Download the Microsoft Word Letterhead Template and publish using all guidelines above.

If you have any questions, please contact the Communications group.