Unit Ribbon Library ribbon
Unit Ribbon Library Ribbon

The ribbon is a design element included in most communications materials where there is enough space. It is unique to the U.Va. Library and lets the reader immediately know which Library unit is issuing the communication.

Most templates use either the U.Va. Library ribbon (for Library-wide communications), or a ribbon for a specific unit within the Library. There is also a ribbon with no text, which is used when there is little room such as on a nametag or business card.

In print, the ribbon should always be at the top right, at least 1/8 inch from the edge of the page, and “tucked” under the blue or orange bar at the top, as in the examples below.


Placing the Ribbon in a Word Template

1. Download the appropriate ribbon (below) and save the file on your computer in TIF format (example “DML_ribbon.tif”).

2. In your Word template, choose Insert>Photo>Picture from File and choose the file you just downloaded.

If the ribbon doesn’t appear, it might be hiding behind another image, such as the template image itself. If there is another image involved, select that image, right click, and choose Arrange>Send to Back.

If the background bars disappear after you insert the ribbon, go to Edit>Undo to remove the ribbon. The background should reappear. Select the background, right click, and select Format Picture. Under the Layout tab, select Behind Text, then insert the ribbon once more.

3. To move the ribbon or image, right click on it, choose Format Picture and select In Front of Text. You should then be able to move the ribbon.

4. To place the ribbon exactly, zoom in at least 200%, position the hand tool on the ribbon and hold down the Ctrl key (Word) or the Option key (Mac). Holding the key the entire time, use the arrow keys to position the ribbon.

5. Zoom out to view your work (sometimes the new perspective reveals an alignment issue).

If an image or ribbon appears larger than it should, right click and choose Format Picture. Under the Size tab, change the width size percentage until the ribbon or image fits your document (be certain that “Lock Aspect Ratio” is checked so that the height will be formatted to match the width).

Ribbons for Download (right-click and “Save as…”):

University of Virginia Library
Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library
Alderman Library
Astronomy Library
Biology/Psychology Library
Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library
Chemistry Library
Clemons Library
Common Ground Community
Curry Library Innovation Commons
Digital Curation Services
Digital Media Lab
Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library
Human Resources
Mary and David Harrison Institute for American History, Literature, and Culture
Mathematics Library
Music Library
Physics Library
Scholars’ Lab
Scientific Data Consulting Group
Timothy B. and Lisa Nelson Robertson Media Center