Subsite and Blog Templates

Communications has built a set of templates to make it simple for you apply the Library theme to your subsite or follow Library style while blogging on behalf of your unit.

A Library subsite is a group of (more or less) static pages with official content that is specific to your unit and that provides value to students and faculty. There is a template or theme for all Library subsites that shares the common design elements of the main Library site. This style guide, for instance, is a subsite of the Library site.

A blog is a site consisting of dated entries, in which new material is periodically (ideally, frequently) posted. The entries then appear in reverse chronological order. The blog should be informative and entertaining, and the format allows for more personal expression than a subsite.

For a quick look at the differences between the two, see the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library subsite and blog.

Subsite Template

As already noted, the subsite template (below) is similar in look to the main Library site. There is only one subsite template. Do not alter the fonts or colors of the template in any way. If you need to create a subsite for your unit, please fill out the subsite/blog request form.

Blog Templates

There is a choice of three color palettes (below). Choose the palette you prefer, fill out the subsite/blog request form, and we will work with you to set up the site and apply the theme. Once the theme is chosen, fonts and colors should not be altered in any way. In addition, if you need help creating a banner for your blog we are happy to assist.

Library Orange

Library Orange blog design

U.Va. Blue

U.Va. Blue blog design

Library Gray

Library Gray blog design

Use this form to request a subsite or blog template. If you are unsure whether you need a subsite or a blog, or have any other questions, contact theĀ Communications group.