Web style guide

The University of Virginia Library has a specific style guide with specifications that should be followed on all web properties existing on the domain *.library.virginia.edu, including all subdomains. If you find something missing, please email library_communications@virginia.edu for help.

Color Palette

The University of Virginia Library’s official color palette has six colors, which should be used in specific ways in order to reinforce and maintain our brand as well as look and feel. Consistent use of colors and fonts on Library websites as well as print materials adds to the Library User’s experience.

The following color palette has been approved by the Library Administration and Web Communications to be used on the Library’s websites:

U.Va. Blue
RGB:  13/50/104
Web:  #0D3268

RGB: 241/229/199
Web:  #F1E5C7

Library Orange
RGB:  252/175/23
Web:  #F59A2C

RGB: 230/231/232
Web: #E6E7E8

Light Blue and Green are also used occasionally

Light Blue

RGB: 163/220/230      
Web: #46A8C2

RGB: 122/193/67         
Web: #7AC143

Background colors

In general, the background color of Library web pages and applications should be white. Other background accent colors used are Light Blue (#E4E9F2), Cream (#F1E5C7), and Light Gray (#E6E7E8)


In general, the Library’s “brand” has a U.Va. blue header with the stacked U.Va. Library logo on the top left corner. There is also a horizontal version of the logo. Both logo files can be found on the “Logo” page of this styleguide.

On all pages there should be a top bar with breadcrumb navigation that goes back to the University of Virginia home page and the main University of Virginia website. The background color for this bar should be dark blue (#0c1a32).


Font Colors

body and paragraph text should be black (#000.)

Headings and Subheadings

Heading 2 or h2 elements should be green (#7AC143) and “Prenton”

Heading 3 or h3 elements should be teal and “Chapparal Pro”

body, p, ul, ol elements should all be “FF Dagny Web Pro”, with fallback of “Helvetica Neue”


Library Communications pays for a Typekit License and has a kit set up for the Library website and subsites. It is used by embedding a javascript code into the head of the html document. For more information please email library_communications@virginia.edu

Links and buttons

Links or a elements should be U.Va. Blue, and navigation menus are a lighter version of U.Va. Blue #0c1a32.