WordPress FAQ

Below are some common WordPress FAQs, some particular to the Library. If you have a WordPress question not covered below, check WordPress Support as well.

1. What is the web address to log in to the U.Va. Library website’s WordPress Administration Panel?


2. What do I do if I can’t log in to edit the website through Netbadge?

Email library_communications@virginia.edu and request that you be given access.

3. How do I put an image on my page?

You can upload an image from your computer, or insert one from the Media Library of previously used images.

4. How do I request a subsite or blog?

To request a Library subsite or blog, please fill out the subsite request form.

5. I would like to use a WordPress plugin on my site. What’s the process for doing that?

The Library’s WordPress site is mission critical and must be up at all times. Plugins can make WordPress difficult to keep stable and the plugin must be widely used and updated regularly. Many WordPress plugins do not meet those criteria, so we are very careful about installing plugins on the site.

The process we use for vetting WordPress plugins is:

1. If you want a certain function, contact Starrie Williamson or Doug Chestnut in Communications to see if WordPress can provide that function.
2. If Starrie and Doug cannot find a way to meet the functional need they will try to suggest alternatives.
3. If no alternative is acceptable, Starrie and Doug will investigate WordPress plugins.
4. If Starrie and Doug believe the plugin offers greater value than risk, they refer the plugin to Bob Gartland in Library ITS for additional technical research.
5. Bob reviews the plugin for LITS’ ability to technically support it.
6. If Bob finds the plugin can be supported than the plugin is implemented.

Please note that this process is in place in order to maintain the stability of the Library’s web presence.

6. I know some of the Library blogs are on SHANTI. What’s the difference between using a Library subsite or blog template vs. using SHANTI?

A Library subsite or blog is hosted by the U.Va. Library, uses Library-specific themes, and is supported by both Communications and LITS. You are free to use SHANTI for your blog or subsite, and there is a U.Va. Library theme that SHANTI can apply for you if you wish, but we do not support it. You will need to work with SHANTI’s support staff to resolve issues.

7. Can I manually build my menu? How do I arrange the links in my navigation?

Yes, you can easily build and arrange your menu and navigation.

8. How can I import content from another WordPress website?

Administrator access is needed in order to import and export content between WordPress sites. Please contact Starrie Williamson or Doug Chestnut to ask about exporting and importing your WordPress content.

9. How do I get the full toolbar to show up in WordPress?

When you are editing a post or page in “Visual” editing mode, click the “Kitchen Sink” icon to expand the editing toolbar.


10. I’m not sure what everything on the toolbar does. Is there an overview?

Yes there is. You’ll find it at WordPress Toolbar 101.

11. How do I put a video on a page?

In order to put a YouTube or Vimeo video on your page, you must go to the video and find the embed code. Copy the embed code and paste it into your page while making sure the “Text” tab is selected.

12. How do I add pdfs, docs, or xls files and link to them?

Click the upload media button and then either drag your document file into the indicated box or click the “Select files…” button. Your file will be uploaded and a link will appear.

If the file format is different from these and you are having trouble uploading, contact Library Communications and let them know that you need to be able to upload a particular file format and we will have WordPress configured to accommodate you.

13. My homepage won’t show up! (Or, how do I change my homepage to a different page)?

Go to Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays: and select the “Static Page” radio button. Select your desired page in the drop down menu. If you would like to have a posts page as your homepage, make your selection here.

14. I’m having trouble pasting text from Microsoft Word. What’s the best way to do that?

Pasting text directly from Microsoft Word can produce issues with your page display. WordPress support provides detailed instructions on how to move text from a Word document into WordPress.

15. Where do I change the theme options?

For Library subsites, use of the Library subsite theme is required. If you would like to set up a blog we have three available themes from which to choose. If you would like to change color schemes for your blog, please email Library Communications.

16. Something on my page is “broken” or the layout doesn’t look right. How do I fix it?

The css stylesheet that controls many aspects of the layout and design is only editable by web developers. Please email library_communications@virginia.edu and let us know what problem you are having so we may help fix it.